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If you are just getting started on a business idea or plan but are not sure what to do or how to do it, possibly confused or having trouble facing all the things you need to do, then this package may be the PERFECT option for YOU. 

Creation to Cash Flow

What Are the Benefits:

  • You work directly with me

  • Instead of wasting months or even years trying to figure things out, we can get it done in weeks.

  • It's the best "Bang for Your Buck" because you work mainly with one person and streamline actions.

  • You save loads of money by learning how to do things yourself but at first we do it together

What is Needed:

  • The ability to make decisions (once we discuss options)

  • The funds to invest in your Starter Package 

  • The discipline to get assigned things done on your own to save yourself money

  • The time to work on: branding, pricing, service/product outline, website, business card, social media profiles, contract, legal requirements, and more. We have a checklist we will customize specifically for you.

What is Next: