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Jenny has been working with people to overcome obstacles and unleash their potential for over 20+ years. Even as a young adult, she was approached for help. She's a Traveling Author, Multi-Brand Creator and The Conquer-It Coach. Her MO is achieving "impossible" goals in a short time. She is driven with a purpose to help others clarify and strategize thoughts and communication as well as reach goals.


She continues to write books, coach and develop programs to help adults and teens.

Common Results from Consults

Less confusion, more focus, less overwhelm, more calm, unexpected results, surprising solutions, unstuck, moving forward, clarified thoughts, more motivated, strategies to achieve goals!

Responses to Working With Jenny

  • I met with Jenny and in a very short time that we were together, my “stuck” vanished!!! I didn’t realize it fully, although I felt it - some clarity and mental calm. (JV)

  • Jenny, thank you so much! You really helped me breakdown the steps I needed to take so I could start writing my book. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole process. I can now see the light at the end of the book writing tunnel!  GG

  • We started meeting weekly and immediately started moving forward.  In 6 years I went from zero to zero – with Jenny in 6 months I was developing my business at 60 miles an hour.  (LD)

  • After one conversation with Jenny, we identified the root problem with my finances. Jenny was very quick and direct in spotting where the real issue was, and without her clarity I would have continued wanting
    to mask the problem and trying to handle my finances without fully confronting what was there. (SD)

  • I highly recommend.  Jenny is a powerhouse for positive financial goal-setting and works with you to achieve your targets. (LS)

Free Consult

Find out if we are compatible to work together. Get your questions answered before investing time and money for session(s).

2-HR Pow Wow

Book the most effective coaching session ever! We work quickly to identify red flags and to strategize a plan so you can move forward with fierce motivation.

1-Wk Power Surge

Get 5 days of 1-hr sessions where we not only identify red flags and strategize steps to achieve your goals but we work together to get them done!

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