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Does a Soulmate Mean "The One"?

Updated: Apr 13

I’ve been looking at something lately. Conclusions I’ve finally come to about soulmates and relationships after looking at trends and timelines of my life in a new unit of time. 👀

Kansas City Mural: Two Bluejays on a Woman's Head
Kansas City Mural: Two Bluejays on a Woman's Head

❤️ One can be my “soulmate” but it doesn’t mean we are compatible for this life. 🤫

❤️ I can find many traits and common interests with a person along with attraction due to those things - but it also doesn’t mean he is meant to be my husband 😳

❤️ My standards for a partner have increased: trained in the same counselor levels I am, advanced spiritually, high emotional level, application of life tools on a daily basis. 📈😍

❤️ I’m looking for someone that provides what I have given all these years: empowerment and alignment. Goals achieved across the compartments of my life because that means achieving the greatest good. 💪 Believe it or not, as I get more advanced spiritually, I get more Old School in the desire to be courted in a relationship.

❤️ I want to know one admires me as a being NOT because I have a woman body and your body wants my body. I believe we are more than these pieces of "meat" we walk around in. I’m looking for a being to being connection. 😇✨😇

❤️ I’m looking for someone who doesn’t waste any time with spiritual enhancement and is balls to the walls on getting the next action done. That means he will not distract me from the spiritual bridge and will push me to the next step. Again: alignment 🎯

❤️ High ambition level is a deal maker. I’ve learned that lack of it becomes a problem because the person holds me back, slows me down and that doesn’t work when we are creating a future and I’m trying to achieve those goals fast AF 🎯💨💨💨

❤️ I’ve realized that the only one putting barriers to finding Mr. Right for me is myself and my considerations. I had so many stops previously. I had so many “can’t haves” and so much self invalidation. 😭

That shit is disappearing by the boards. See ya later bad affirmations, there’s a new sheriff in town. 👮‍♀️ And she’s naming and getting those qualities she deserves. 💪🎯😇

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