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Breaking the Chains That Held Me Down

I just realized something in having a conversation with a few people via #Facebook Messenger and comments on my post. 🤔💭💭

Jenny Marie with coffee
English Coffee Shop, 2019

There was a time in 2019 when I was afraid to communicate how I really thought and felt. I was always concerned about what others would think. If you are just getting to know me here, that is NOT at all who I am. I was raised to not give a shit about other people's opinions! But due to a series of events that occurred that year it caused this “questioning” of myself and my communication. ❓

But I just realized with these recent conversations, that I no longer “hold myself back” 😮 I’m ok being me and communicating EXACTLY what I think or feel. I’m ok posting it online and I could care less what others think of me or what I say because I know what I think of myself. 😍 I also have received numerous messages of gratitude for my communication so that is also helpful. 🙏

Quote from Follower of Jenny Marie
Feedback from Follower

But what a free place to be. Willing and confident to communicate however I feel and no “hold back” or “second thoughts” about whether it’s ok or not. The wild thing about this is, I don’t get upset communications anymore from people. If I feel like there might be an underlying upset, I direct message the person and we get in more communication and we build more rapport and wow! Another really cool outcome. 🥰

I really enjoy learning more about people, getting to know people I’ve never met,

whether they be in the USA or somewhere else In the world. 🌎

I appreciate that someone else is daring enough to communicate how they really feel and have a conversation with me and talk about viewpoints and reach more understanding. 😇

Sometimes I’m so caught up in the next target, I don’t realize the things that have changed in my universe. 😎

But it’s really cool when I do and many times my FB friends help me do that. 🙌

#Confidence #Communication

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