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Do You Know Your Worth?

Halfway through 2022, I started some self-improvement actions that really helped increase my confidence and recover my belief in what I'm really worth. To be honest, I don't think I ever knew what my REAL worth was.

LA Mural of a woman and a man
LA Mural

When I regained the belief in myself and the value of myself, my life started to change. It's been a long journey of recovering from negation and invalidation. 💪

When you recover or increase your worth, you know what happens in your life?

  • you don’t end up with people who don’t appreciate you because you eliminate those fuckers from your life

  • you don't let people take advantage of you

  • you charge what your value is really worth

  • your confidence as a being cannot be fucked with

  • you can cut through any degradation with a knife and hand their head on a platter.

I felt whole again. once I could SEE myself again. 🤓

It's a valuable process to really take a look at your life and see what you provide to others. Take a look at how long have you been doing what you are doing? Do you have special gifts that others don't? Do many people comment on a specific thing you do well? These are things to pay attention to. 🔎

You gotta know your worth to achieve your goals. 🎯

#selfworth #integrity #goals

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