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Driving down Sunset Blvd in LA

Driving down Sunset Blvd in LA is an adventure in itself. Every time I do it, I see something new. There is so much to take in. This is life raw and real staring you in the face:

Sunset Blvd in LA
Sunset Blvd in LA

- watch a man wigging out (from drugs) talking to himself and shouting, talking to a scooter, talking to the air. 🗣️ I wondered what kind of person he was before the drugs. Who gave him drugs? 🤔 How did he get to this point? 🤔

- saw African American twins with giant fros and matching t-shirts and dogs. I swear they jumped out of an Instagram post. 🤫

- saw a man dressed as a woman with very nice legs. 🦵

- saw another man tweaking out on drugs. He didn’t seem so unhappy. Was dancing around and around wearing a woman’s bra and shirt but on the side of the street where he’d probably get run over and in LA they will just keep going. 💃🚗

Some interesting things I was looking at as I was watching all these different people walk down the sidewalk… 👀

1. If you want to write about life and understand life, the inspiration is not in seclusion. 🌃

2. LA is the struggle of real life out in the open. It’s not that it doesn’t happen in other places, it’s that in other places, it’s more hidden. 🤭

3. The simplicity of people is… they are trying to solve problems and find themselves or be themselves (whatever they think that is) 🧐

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