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I'm on a Magic Carpet Ride for Goals

Ever been working really hard on something you want to achieve and then all of a sudden, a major shift occurs in your world for the better? 💫💫💫

Kansas City Mural: woman in space
Kansas City Mural: woman in space

It's as if you had been hacking at a brick wall to make a way through and then finally a hole appears and the rush of a magical universe gushes in from the other side sweeping you off your feet. ✨

I've been feeling this way lately. In spurts. My universe is on a major shift right now. It’s like I’m moving the rubik’s cube to put order into my life the way it should be. 🌈

It’s like I found clues to get out of the maze in The Maze Runner. 🔎

It’s like I arrived at the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. 🏙️

It’s like anticipating Christmas because you know you are finally going to get what you want after waiting years and years for it. 🎁

Something is shifting and I feel like the magic has only just begun.

#Imagination #goals

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