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IDGAF About Other People's Opinions

Somewhere along my journey, I got caught up in the shit storm of other people's opinions. Let me tell you, that is one storm that can kill you. You can't please everyone. You know who you can please? Yourself. That's what matters most.

Jenny Marie in front of graffiti
Me in front of Denver graffiti

Fast forward three years and I've handled a thing or two about caving into those opinions. On my Self-Improvement Journey, I discovered where I let myself down by listening to others and not to myself. It can happen to the best of us. 😩

It was not an overnight recovery, I'll admit that. It was an accumulation of thoughts and realizations over time as I improved myself. 🤔💭

Kansas City Mural of a woman with pink hair
Kansas City Mural

Not giving a F#@k about what people think, is a freedom everyone should taste. Because the opposite of that is a prison made up of your own invented walls. The weird thing about this “game” is when you start being yourself, more people respect and like you. 🤔

But the reward is releasing yourself from that “prison” with your own integrity key. 🗝️

#Integrity #SelfImprovement

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