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Updated: Apr 9

This morning, I wasn’t motivated and feeling kind of ”blah” 😐 so I decided to leave the house and get some coffee. Take a ride, get extroverted. I intended to go to a different coffee place but there was no parking so I kept exploring and ended up near this old favorite. 😍

Coffee, Latte, Los Angeles, Coffee Shop
Constellation Coffee, Los Angeles

They have such a nice vibe. 🙌 Their coffee is tasty and they have gluten-free treats. I must ALWAYS have something to go with my coffee. 🤭 This is why I'm a big fan of Constellation Coffee.

On the way there, I drove through some areas observing such drastic differences. Near Hollywood, there is much more of an interest to my eye but as I get towards more non aesthetic areas with pointless graffiti and vibe changes, I’m fascinated with the fact that I did not observe ONE bum in this area. 🤔 Yet where the more affluent areas are, there are bums. (Near Hollywood). Basically, the bums know where to hang out for the money. 🤣

It's also interesting how you can be driving on totally flat roads and then all of a sudden there’s this steep ass hill to get somewhere.😳 That shit freaks me out. Anyone else? 🤔

Steep hill in Los Angeles California
Los Angeles road

California is an interesting place. I would dare to say more interesting than some other places I've visited. I probably would find any place interesting at this point since I’m observing things in a different light. 😇 However, California has such a variety of life going on in it, that one could always find something new to experience. I think that's why the die-hard residents of this state stick it out even when it gets so crazy!

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