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My Heart is Finally Melting

I've spent three years with my heart and willingness to establish a new relationship "locked" up. There are many reasons why and that isn't important right now. The fact that I feel like that ice "lock" is melting, is a BIG deal. I'm sure many of you can relate.

Jenny Marie in front of gate and sheep
Me in England in front of a Sheep Farm

So, I wanted to make this confession today. 🤫 Some of you have been following me for a long time so you know my stories. 🤣🙌 I feel like my "ice" has been melting for two years. Thankfully, it’s melting 10x the speed now, due to my spiritual journey. 🙌

In 2019, I had two huge losses. Two BIG goals of mine. 1) to make spiritual progress at a specific retreat and 2) to be with the “love of my life” forever. Both became failed purposes that year. Not only did I fail at them but those losses triggered other HUGE losses and it sort of buried me. ⚰️

Gold Heart Shaped Lock  on chain linked fence
Heart Shaped Lock

I was a mess in the second half of 2019 but in the second half of 2020, I sort of became more myself again. I started “melting” ❤️ and I started feeling better or less sad.

Most people would never know that pieces of me were still dead inside but they were. ☠️

There were many things that contributed to the healing. I traveled back to my own country where people think and act different. I was once again surrounded by like-minded friends and associates. I started volunteering at a foster home for girls which was a purpose of mine and I started to get some counseling. ❤️

In 2022, when I arrived in LA, more “melting” occurred. I would dare say a glacier melted 🤣🙌 and more has continued to melt. (Thank god) 🙌😇

I’ve finally felt “melted” enough that I was willing to create and grow again on the subject of #relationships. Just the willingness to look at the area and desire to create in the area was a HUGE change for me. 😇❤️

I didn’t realize how much Of myself was encapsulated in that loss. I didn’t realize how much “freedom” was locked up.

So I wanted to tell you 1) it can be freed 2) it feels really good to be ”melting” ❤️

#Love #Loss #Relationships #SpiritualJourney

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