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People Should be Acknowledged

Updated: Apr 13

When I'm out and about and feeling good, I try to acknowledge those around me who grab my attention. I've learned that in this world, people are not acknowledged enough. 💜

two girls, one with pink hair and the other with sunglasses
New Street Friend in Brighton, UK

This lady I ran into when I was visiting Brighton, UK and I approached her because I loved her hair. As a side note, I have such admiration and respect for people who dye their hair crazy colors and own that shit! At the time I wanted to start working on a project where I featured strangers in the street that I noticed. However, that idea became something else which turned into Determin8tor Diaries (will be launching shortly). 🥰

Pink haired lady in Brighton, UK
I had her pose. I call her the Pink Lady =)

When I approached her and told her I loved her hair, she lit up like a Christmas tree. 🎄People become more alive when you notice them and acknowledge them. 😍 It's my Do-Gooder Deeds that I like to achieve when I'm out and about. I make sure to acknowledge the things I like in people that I see. 😍 The cashier, the garbage man, some random person walking down the street, someone in the grocery store. Different people get my attention for different reasons and I like to let them know. There’s not enough acknowledgment in this world and you can sprinkle that shit like a magic wand. ✨✨✨✨

Now, I want you to know that I'm not always the "fairy" sprinkling magic all over the place. I have my introverted days and my down days too. Sometimes I'm lucky enough for someone to come along and brighten me up and that's a good thing too. 💖

People should be acknowledged for who they are. It makes the world a better place.✨🌍✨

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