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Random Day Realizations

Every now and then I have so many realizations in one day, that I just do this random realization post. Between my conversation this morning with a new friend and observing others in life and all that it brings to the table, this is what I observe and have experienced:

england landscape
Picturesque Road Trip Scenery in England

💭 The more integrity you have in your life, the more goodness you pull in and the better life goes and the better you feel.

💭 Good communication gets the best results with others and attracts the best kind of people to have in your life.

💭 The more knowledge you gain, the more you can see red flags in life and therefore able to make better decisions as you go along.

Field in england
Field in England

💭 One person can make or break you. You can choose who you keep in your circle, controlling how often you get supported or broken.

💭 When you look back and you realize how far you’ve come and what it took to achieve that, you can really see how big of a being you are.

💭 Being a person of good vibes means you get good vibes in return.

💭 Life can seem very dismissal and almost convince you it will never change. But if you keep going, before you know it, you can see the entire future you dreamed of in front of you waiting to be created.


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