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Random Tuesday Thoughts

Every now and then I'm filled with gratitude of what surrounds me. Sometimes it's just the fact that I realize certain things about my life that give me a different perspective.

Palm trees in a blue sky
Palm Tree Sky

Here are my random Tuesday thoughts for today:

❤️ I love my friends.

❤️ I’m grateful for my assistant.

❤️ I’m grateful for my church staff who know how to put light at a temporary dark tunnel.

❤️ I realized this morning that while so many look at me with 😍 I look at myself like 😫 and I don’t give myself enough credit for the things I do right. This made me think about how many of us do this.

Garfield Mural in LA
Garfield Mural in LA

❤️ Hungover for me now means one whole day of crying and feeling like I’m still exhausted the next day. 😫 (Don’t worry, it’s just emotion and I’ll handle it. Says the girl that got 8 hrs of sleep and can see that now.) 🤣

❤️ Trying to get others to improve, instead of focusing on improving yourself and leading the way, is the fastest way to just annoy others. 🤷‍♀️

❤️ Grief is the heaviest emotion out there which is usually accompanied with loss. I really wish I had the time to create a service solely for those stuck in this muck. Perhaps I can incorporate it into my brand that’s about to be launched.

❤️ Life is tough for an artist. Not because suppressive people want to suck up all their magic but because we want to create so much and can’t keep up in the physical universe with the ideas. 🤣

That’s all for now. I actually need to get productive here speaking of the last one. 🤣💪🤣

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