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The Difference Between Soulmates and Just Nice People

Recently, I've been looking closer at something. There are people I can meet and they can be nice but that doesn't mean there is a synergy between us. They are those people I say hi to and I ask how they are doing and if they need help, I will help them. However, they are not

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my soulmate. My soulmate(s) feel different when I see them across the room or I interact with them the first time. I just know. I just feel something different. It's like, "Hey You, Ya You, You're Like Me."

Soul: the spiritual part of a human being. Emotional energy. 😇

Mate: fellow member. A friend. As a verb: connected 👭

Now that we “cleared” up those definitions let me tell you about people that are MY people. MY peeps. My soul mates. 🤜✨🤛

As I climbed higher states of spiritual awareness, I’ve come to recognize how I relate to different types of people and how I perceive them:

Fairies: these are people that are SUPER sweet and nice. They are so nice, I can’t even be annoyed at them. They aren’t my soul mates BUT I admire them for how nice they can be and we are friendly. 🧚

Ridgies: (made up word) these are people that I either know or don’t know but either way it’s a “no” in my universe. Sometimes I can even have friends who are these people but I always sense a “ridge” between us even if we are friendly. Something in my space doesn’t get along with something in their space. There’s another type similar which is one I cannot enjoy being around bc they always want to put stops to my spontaneity. ⚡

Flowers: Nice people I meet along the way that I have nice conversations with and it’s nice to see them around but there’s not necessarily any special connection. 🌺

Life Suckers: these people act “friendly” in the beginning and they may even seem to “help” me but if I give them enough time, they ALWAYS find ways to bring me down. I now can identify these types RIGHT off the bat bc I can perceive their energy. 🧛

Syrupies: (like syrup) They come off waaaaaay too sweet and happy. Like it’s made up. Drives me nutso. I just want to scream: be real! We don’t flow well. (No pun intended) 🥞

Blahsies: (made up word) people where it’s not a nay or a yay. Just nothing at all. We obviously don’t interact based on that. 😑

Badass Besties: Friends of mine who are serious goal getters and therefore we have have similar realities and agreement. Common reality syncs and bonds us. 🎯

Soul Mates: the instant connection. The “I feel like I already know you” people. Now, I recognize them immediately. It’s a perception I pick up on when I first meet them. Doesn’t have to be a relationship interest. But I have concluded that I need that in my future partner for this life. I love when I find these people. it’s like, “oh hello! Yes we are best friends already but still strangers” 😇

Have you ever experienced any of these types of people in your life? Tell me about it.

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